I’ve been here five times. Mary’s always calling me to come back. When I first started coming, I was seeking Her. 

I found Her, and now I come for thanksgiving. 

I keep coming back because I feel my faith keeps growing and growing. Every year that I come, I get fulfilled so that I can go back home and pour it out to whomever God puts in my path. I always pray to be a witness of God’s love and Mary’s love. I just want to imitate Their love to my brothers and sisters in Christ. We’re all a family.

I can’t even imagine how Mirjana felt when she no longer was going to receive the apparitions for second of the month. I wanted to unite with her in prayer for Our Lady’s intentions and to pray for those who have not come to know the love of God. I felt that call in my heart to start that prayer.

I prayed a lot about it, and Mary told me, “Just start it.”

I always ask Her, “Who do I invite to these Rosaries?”

And She says, “You invite, and I will take care of the rest.” So I just started inviting people. 

It’s always my family, people from my Rosary prayer group, my clients from work. I invite a lot of people, and I know that Mary calls them to the Rosary.

[iMedj note: Every second of the month, Marisol hosts a prayer group to continue praying for those who have yet to feel God’s love.]

We have it outside and we pray the Rosary. In between each mystery I read a message from Our Lady. Mark Williamson from Sounding Hope has been present to sing. He’s spreading the hope of God through his music, and we do praise and worship after the Rosary. And I serve pan dulce and hot chocolate.