Two years ago, I had a family friend gift me a rosary. There’s nothing extraordinary about it when you look at it objectively, but then you turn it over and it says Medjugorje. I had no idea what that even said. I had no idea that was Medjugorje. Sign after sign, the Lord has shown me, “Maria, I want you here.”

This whole entire week has been a complete change of heart. I remember the first day, our guide, Miki, said the reason it’s so rocky here is because people come with stone hearts and then they’re left on the mountains. That was completely me. 

The first day, we went to the Risen Christ statue with the weeping knee. I blessed my items then I just pleaded to God. I said, “Jesus, I need full restoration of my tears.” I had not cried for over a year. I had teared up here and there but not a real cry.

Two days after that, we were at Pat and Nancy’s, and she embraced me like a mother. I fell into her arms weeping, like a child, like a baby, for what felt like hours, in a loving embrace. From that moment, it was like time and time again the Lord saying, “Okay, Maria, there’s more. Continue to receive. Continue to allow me to love you with your open heart that you have right now.”

Having been chosen to go to the apparition, it was wild. I remember my name being called. Four names were chosen. I was in shock, like, “Mother Mary, you are so real.” There is no way the Holy Spirit is not real after sobbing my eyes out and now having my name called, and I get to be in the same room as the visionary when he gets to see Mary.

There have been so many different ways that Mary has been like, “I’m here, still embracing you, still loving you. Allow me to embrace you as a beloved daughter.”

In the apparition room, I started out dripping sweat. It was so hot. Once the apparition began, every part of me was cold except my heart felt so hot. That was my experience then.

Also, I have felt every single day at 6:40 [when Our Lady appears], this rushing of wind, every single time. 

It’s been such a beautiful experience to be here. 

This place is certainly holy, and I pray that the day comes that it’s completely approved. The Holy Spirit is totally here, otherwise things like this wouldn’t happen. You wouldn’t be so joyful to be here. All the people that I talked to when I told them I was going, they were like, “That was the most peaceful place I have ever been on earth.”

Words can’t even describe how it’s felt to be here. Our group leader, Marilyn, was like, “Maria, I don’t even have to ask you how your trip has been going because I know that big things have been happening.”