This week was really good for my faith.

We went to the Risen Christ statue the first day I was here. Me and all my siblings went. It was really cool to witness that in person. I’d heard about it from my mom, and I always thought it was really cool. Seeing it in person, I realized, witnessing a miracle in front of you is crazy. 

The knee of the statue leaks water. It constantly comes out and no one can explain why.

I had a really good confession with Fr. Leon. That made me feel a lot better about myself because he gave me a lot of really good advice. 

He told me that my penance was to go pray with the Blessed Mother. I prayed the Rosary and then I hung my rosary on the fence. I was praying about Fr. Leon too because it was probably the best confession I’ve ever had. 

The next day, he came and found me after church and gave me a rosary that was blessed by the Blessed Mother. He just came and found me. It was really cool.

I’ve felt at peace on this entire trip. 

I was struggling a little before I came here. I feel like a lot of weight has been lifted off me through prayer and everything I’ve experienced here.

I’m definitely going to be praying a lot more than I have been. It was a really good experience for me.