I was born in Medjugorje. I mean, in the city because here, there is no hospital. I’m 33 years old. I’m a mom of two. 

I lead pilgrims. It’s my mission. I would like to offer myself in service of pilgrims. I organize pilgrimages, I’m a guide, and I also have a blog. I use social media to communicate how beautiful this place is and how it makes me a better person.

I was born a few years before the war started in 1992. My childhood was calm and peaceful, but my childhood was during some hard years for this place. There wasn’t so much to eat or to do for fun like today. I’m so grateful that my kids today live differently. 

They were very challenging years for my parents. I have only good memories because my parents didn’t permit my young soul at that time to be damaged with war stories, and hopefully I didn’t lose anybody from my family. I know some people, they did, and I’m so sorry about that. We still pray for them. 

Now, as a young adult, as a mother, what I learned during my childhood, I remember the values, the important things in life, like family, also friendships, and to help others in need. Also they taught me not to look just for profit, but also to offer some efforts in life to God, like I do some things for free because I offer that for gratefulness to God. He blessed me with living here. 

Also, the faith. My parents, they always brought me to church every Sunday. They taught me to stay quiet to show respect for the Holy Mass. As a child, it wasn’t easy every time, but now, as a mother, I get why. It was like a training. 

I left when I was 18 because of my studies. I came back when I was 30. 

When I was living in Italy, when I was missing it, then I realized how important it is for me. 

I think here, the Holy Spirit is really working. I believe that Our Lady is appearing so it has to be different because there are a lot of fruits. 

That feeling when you go outside the confessional, it’s really special. For me, it’s so hard to go to Confession. Everybody is a little bit afraid. But when I do my Confession, I always feel so light after and loved. I feel like a loved child of God.

Medjugorje is an international place. It’s beautiful. I like when they come for the youth festival. The best thing is when I see young people like me praying and singing and they’re from all over the world. I went to other Marian shrines, but I never saw so many young people. 

It shows how important this place is in the plan of Our Lady. She says She’s the mother of all the people in the world. It’s not just people from Medjugorje. As a person from Medjugorje, I feel responsible to receive these people and to give what I can. 

Mary was a person like us, but She lived a very saintly life. She was immaculate, we are not, but She is an example for us to follow.

She says in the messages, “I’m here because God permitted me to stay with you.” So I think She’s really in the grace of God. That’s why She’s important for us, because if we pray with Her, She can intercede for us. She’s very powerful.

In my experience, it’s easier to live the messages here. 

It’s easier to pray because there are so many praying places, like the evening program to pray the Holy Rosary. You can pray on Apparition Hill. You can pray in the church. You can pray with your family.

It’s easier to fast on Wednesday and Friday. For example, Friday you can climb Cross Mountain together or you can go to the evening program to participate in the Veneration of the Cross. When you fast with praying, it’s easier. You know that other people are fasting. It helps you. This community makes it easier because you’re not alone. 

Everything is suitable to live life according to the messages. This is the place where everybody can find something for their life because this is a place where you can accept yourself, your difficulties, and find the energy to go on. If you come here, you go back better and more energetic.

Come and see, feel, climb, ask. Faith is a miracle and gift. Just come and see and try to feel, not think rationally, just feel.