At first, I wasn’t going to go. It was just going to be the kids and her. Then at the last minute, I felt guilty because I didn’t want them to go by themselves. 

I’m not religious myself. I wasn’t brought up that way. Our family didn’t really practice. Her family is very strong in the Catholic religion. If my wife believes it, that’s fine. She wanted to raise the kids like that, and I was fine with that. So here I am. 

It was a little overload for me at first. I just blended in. I’m just kind of going along with it. A lot of it I don’t believe, but I don’t want to disagree with people’s thoughts either. If they believe, that’s fine.

The first day I got here, I went up Apparition Hill by myself. It was interesting to see everybody up there. I was surprised about how many people got up so early to go up there. It was 5 o’clock in the morning. I was impressed about how many people were there. 

I climbed it twice. I climbed it the next day with the group. It was good to have the group, and [local guide] Miki’s explanations. I think I’ve learned more by that than anything. 

It’s a very beautiful area. I really enjoyed the waterfalls. That was the best. It was just so peaceful there. I loved it. I felt really at peace.

Mirjana was saying how she saw Mary, I thought that was interesting. It inspired me.

I’ve enjoyed myself, but it’s different. 

I think my sons Alex and Willie enjoyed it. They were really excited about coming. It was a new culture for them.

I know my wife would come back anytime. I don’t know if I would come back. It’s possible, but there are so many other places to go in the world. 

It was an experience coming here. I would recommend people who are in the faith to definitely come here. If they have faith, this is the place to be, without a doubt. 

I’ll probably think more about God. It kind of puts a setting in there to think more about religion and God. 

I’m glad I went with her. I don’t regret it. It was interesting to learn about different people and cultures.