I’m sure I heard about Medjugorje when I was a child from my mom, but it came back into my mind just about a month and a half ago. My mom told me about her pilgrimage she was going to take here. 

My stepfather was supposed to go with her, but he got sick so he couldn’t make the journey, but she had a ticket. 

Then I wanted to go with her. I was leaving my job so I had time, but my passport was expired. We tried to get it expedited in a month which is unheard of in these times. The whole time we were like, “Maybe I’m not going to be able to go.” 

A week out, it came in. I came.

Being with my mom has been good. It’s good to see her amongst people that she feels comfortable with and feels like she can trust and love.

I tried my best not to have any expectations. It’s very peaceful, very nice. It feels very safe. 

It’s good to be surrounded by people that are all on a spiritual path. That’s not something I’m really accustomed to where I’m from. In Cape Cod, Massachusetts there aren’t many spiritual people. Well, there are, but they don’t all congregate. A congregation of this many is something I haven’t experienced in a long time. 

Medjugorje is a place worth visiting. Even if you aren’t Catholic or Christian, it’s still worth visiting and seeing other people that are and being around them. 

I was skeptical. I’m not skeptical of the people. After coming here, it’s not about whether or not there actually was a vision. The power of story is there, and it’s undeniable. It brings people together.

Seeing the younger people too is pretty wild; people going up to the statue of Mary. I’ve been up there four times. It’s definitely an awesome thing to behold, to go up there and see people up there at 5AM, noon, 6PM, midnight. People are always there. 

It’s beautiful to see a sacred space held in that way. I’ve not been to many sacred spaces recently, and it’s good to know that they still exist in this world. 

Mirjana was a very humble and genuine and kind person. When I first met her, she was serving me a dish of food and put her hand on my shoulder. I felt like family.