We won the trip through Stella Mar Pilgrimages three years ago, and Sawyer’s finally healthy enough to get to come on this amazing pilgrimage. It’s totally changed our life completely. I feel like we’re all much closer as a family now. It’s just been amazing.

It’s super peaceful. I didn’t realize how at peace I needed to be until I came here. 

Sawyer’s just been awesome. We’ve had an amazing week. My whole family has had an amazing week. We’re definitely gonna come back again and again. We can’t wait to plan our next trip.

We got to go to the apparition [of Our Lady to Mirjana on October 2nd]. I don’t think I’ll ever feel that way again in my life, until I get to go again, if I get to go, if the Blessed Mother calls us to come back up there. But we also got to sit and talk to Mirjana, and her watching Sawyer was just so amazing. Honestly, it was so nice just seeing how she’s just a normal mom. Obviously she’s super special, but she just was normal and wanted to get to know Sawyer and get to know me. That was really unbelievable. 

I think the coolest part, the night before the apparition, was walking back from town and hearing everyone pray and sing. That was just unbelievable. You could hear it from [St. James Church].

See the video of Sawyer meeting Mirjana at the Apostles of Love Community: