Amy and Hayden

Amy brought her daughter Hayden to Medjugorje and they camped out overnight on Apparition Hill the night before visionary Mirjana’s apparition of the Blessed Mother

Hayden: I was excited for it. I was really excited to camp out.

Amy: I was not excited about camping out, but they said, “Is there anybody who wants to camp out on the hill?” and I looked at Hayden, I looked at my friend Sylwia, and they were just like, “Yes.” So I was like, “Okay, yes. I’ll do it.” So we decided to do it.

Hayden: It was so uncomfortable. We bought those little mats that roll out, and we had holes in them because of the sticks. Actually, can I tell the worm story?

Amy: I knew that she was gonna say the worm story. I knew it.

Hayden: So I’m under the tree laying down, and I hear something hit the mat next to me. I felt it and I was like, “What was that?” I pick it up, and it’s a worm so I’m like, “I’m gonna put it on Amy.” So I put the worm on her.

Amy: And then I took it, and I threw it on somebody else. I didn’t know what it was. I picked it up, and I was like, “I don’t even know.” And I just threw it. She goes, “That was a worm.” I was like, “Oh great.” Anyway, disgusting. 

Hayden: I thought, “I prayed for a sign, and God threw a worm at me.”

Amy: You realize that everybody that is there and who starts filing in, that they’re all coming and waiting for their Mother to arrive. So it was just exciting. They were doing all this singing. I was so moved by this beautiful girl. She was blind, and her voice just penetrated my spirit. And that song stayed in my head for the rest of the week. 

But leading up to it, just the excitement of it. Then when Mary appeared, and it fell silent, you realized why you were on the mountain for thirteen hours. Because here She is, and this peace and this love just is undeniable.

Hayden: Leading up to it, I was like, “I’m ready. I’m ready.” And then when it fell silent, my heart started beating really fast. It was when I saw Mirjana look up. It was just incredible. I couldn’t even think clearly. I actually had to look away because it was so overwhelming. I’m so glad we did that. I’m glad we camped out. 

Amy: That was the beautiful part of it. I just had to keep on praying for the people that were around me who were eagerly trying to push their way up. I was determined to not get upset or angry at anyone because I knew that they were just excited to see Our Mother. The crowds were really overwhelming, but would I do it again? Yes.