Alexandra Grace

We always see Alexandra Grace at daily mass, so today we asked her to share her story.

I’ve been coming since 1986 and now I have an apartment here. I’m a convert to the Roman Catholic Church. In 1989, I got terminal cancer and for three years I couldn’t come, I was dying.

I went to Lourdes, to the baths, and I was healed. I still have the scars from my treatment. But Medjugorje is life to me; being a Roman Catholic convert, that’s my life. Thank God she is coming here for us. I’m just so grateful that I’m one of her children.

When I was dying, I gave everything away. My home and school for children worth close to a million, all of my money, all my homes I used for the poor, my ten acres of land I gave to my son and his family. I had nothing left, so when I lived, I had to start all over. 

I loved it. I’ve loved every minute of having nothing but the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart and the Holy Mother by my side. It was wonderful. Here I am, still no money, but surviving. I love what God has done with me.